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The Thumbprint album has taken its knocks over the years. But it is one of my favorite releases. But I would have changed a few things about XIV. I would remove "Song For You," "Birthday Boy," and "Where Did the Lovin' Go" and replaced them with the 3 bonus tracks from the rematered reissue. "Doin' Business" is a smoking rocker that I was lucky enough to hear live during the 1980 tour. "Soldier of Fortune" and "Live it Up" are nice rockers also. So, if you put these 10 songs as XIV and dump the 3 ballads, you have one smoking release. "Manipulation" and "I'd Rather Be Rich" are my favorite tracks. And "Manipulation" live during the 1980 tour was a real treat!

In summation, I really liked the rocking aspects of the Thumbprint.

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I also love this album, but I got to say, I really love Song For You along with Upon Arrival. I always though that Upon Arrival would have made a good video, of course days of waiting for your loved ones to come off the plane at the gate are long gone. Another favorite is The American Dream, which unforunately is still true today. Birthday Boy was the low point for me, but I still love listening to all the tracks. :)
Sorry, I feel this one was poorly put together and its my least favorite; thats not Chicago!
I agree with the changes/additions. "Amercian Dream" is my favorite. I feel that this album was a turning point for them as music was changing and they needed to change. They have been through it all but feel that they are again at their peak. The greatest is to see how they all seem to get along together on stage. No BS just great music!
One of my least favorite albums, although I did love "Thunder and Lightning" and liked "The American Dream". The lackluster sales of this album ultimately led the band to Warner Brothers and David Foster, with XVI being one of my favorite albums.
I really liked the raw edge of the Thumbprint - espeically Manipulation and Doin' Business. It had the feel of CTA and Chicago III. 16 and 17 were too soft for me. No hard edge - no musical adventure and way too many ballads. We Stop the Hurtin' was the only exception. Even though 16 and 17 sold lots of copies, they weren't true to the real Chicago of CTA, III, V, VII, VIII, Thumbprint and SOS. Big Band excelled in its own way with the great arrangements and musicianship. XXX had 90 Degrees and Freezing and Already Gone as its strong songs. For the most part, the Thumbprint rocked. Do the changes I suggested in my original post and it really rocked. It is too bad Columbia let them down on this release with their lack of promotion. There was some serious rock & roll with horns on this album. And you should have seen Manipulation, Doin' Business and the American Dream live on the 1980 tour. A truly slamming show!
You know, I always figured if I liked 3 or more songs on an album then it was pretty good. It may not be the best album they ever did but it was good enough for me. I think "Song for you" was as good as "Happy Man" (love them both) and I really liked "Where Did the Lovin' Go" "Thunder and Lightning" was okay and I like "The American Dream". Yup, that's more than 3.
I also think it's the best of the Hot Streets-13-14 era. American Dream is a great rocker and, you're right, Doin' Business should totally have been on there. Live it Up was fine, too. I think Soldier of Fortune was just so-so and kind of a retread of Policeman.

I also agree that Song for You was a weak ballad. Cetera didn't even SOUND like himself until the high notes. I kind of like Where Did the Lovin' Go and, what's more, it seemed like an almost conscious attempt to sound like REO Speedwagon, which wasn't a bad move at the time. Birthday Boy is a little wimpy, I suppose. Sometimes I enjoy it, though.

I'm of two minds about Upon Arrival. I could see that dropped. A touch schmaltzy. The IDEA of the song is good, but the lyrical execution wasn't great, I don't think.

By the way, my personal made-up Chicago 15 on iTunes is as follows (a mix of Bill Champlin's Foster-produced Runaway, PC's self-titled album, and Chicago rarities).

Satisfaction (Album Version)--BC
Livin' In The Limelight--PC
One Way Ticket--BC
I Can Feel It-PC
Soldier of Fortune-Chicago rarity
Mona, Mona--PC
Love Was New (Dacus Version)--Chicago rarity
Without You--BC
Doin' Business-Chicago rarity
Evil Eye--PC
Live it Up--Chicago rarity
Tonight Tonight--BC
Favorites: Manipulation, create opening cut, great Chris Pinnick work. Thunder and Lightning, solid horn chart, Tbone solo at end. American Dream. I do like Birthday Boy, the intro doesn't necessarily hold up, but have always enjoyed the rest of the chart.
I don't know! Chicago 14 was Ok but definetly not one of my favorites! Thunder and lightning was always a good one and i liked song for you after i listensed to it alot but that album was just kind of like that! They still sounded so very"Old" and washed up on Chicago 14, definetly not a good album to begin a new decade on in my opinion. Chicago started sounding more like a modern band again in 1982 when Chicago 16 was released. Their entire sound changed between 14 and 16. I respect your opinions and thoughts about 14 but man, i think it kind of deserves it's knocks! Now i never have heard of the songs you mentioned above you wanted to replace other songs with other than maybe "doin' business". Of course you have to consider too that i didn't come on the Chicago scene until the late 80's early 90's. Completely different view of the bands music, i know but i really like alot of Chicago's older music. I go through spurts where i'll get hooked on listening to an older album then put it up for a while, sometimes a long while and Chicago 14 falls in that category! Be blessed!

Jeremy Armentrout - Columbus, Ohio
Why would anyone want a Chicago song removed from one of their albums?
Birthday Boy - I listen to that on my B-Day every year.

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