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The Thumbprint album has taken its knocks over the years. But it is one of my favorite releases. But I would have changed a few things about XIV. I would remove "Song For You," "Birthday Boy," and "Where Did the Lovin' Go" and replaced them with the 3 bonus tracks from the rematered reissue. "Doin' Business" is a smoking rocker that I was lucky enough to hear live during the 1980 tour. "Soldier of Fortune" and "Live it Up" are nice rockers also. So, if you put these 10 songs as XIV and dump the 3 ballads, you have one smoking release. "Manipulation" and "I'd Rather Be Rich" are my favorite tracks. And "Manipulation" live during the 1980 tour was a real treat!

In summation, I really liked the rocking aspects of the Thumbprint.

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Why would anyone want a Chicago song removed from one of their albums?
Birthday Boy - I listen to that on my B-Day every year.

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