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This is@ kind of a selfish request. But I was wondering if anyone attended the April 9th show. I had the oppertunity to be on stage with the great Chicago, my wife shot some video but she says you can't see me in it. Due to the spot lights on me We we wondering if anyone had a pics or video of me from that night? Thanks a lot ,

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Hey Pat Thanks a lot for the kind words & telling me about Janet S I'll check it out. Appreciate it
Hi Fred, you were great, like Pat said I had one photo come out great of ya. :)  I didn't do video for that song though, sorry.  Check Youtube periodically as people upload, maybe someone got it. :)  Cheers.
Fred, I was there and will check for photos.  I know I don't have any video.  Very sorry about that.
Hi Mary that's quite alright, thanks for taking the time to look. Hope you enjoyed the show. Don't mean me ,the resl show Chicago.
I could be wrong, but you might check with the band directly, as i've noticed they tape some shows.
Thanks Omar. Yeah I saw their guy there. In fact. He interview me after the show for the web site. Just haven't seen anything. Must be too soon, & hasn't posted yet. Thanks again Omar have a good day.

Fred: As with everyone else at the show that night, my wife, Karen, and I thought you did a great job. What a fantastic opportunity to help raise funds to help combat cancer. We extend our thanks to you. As for the photos ... while I shot a few hundred that night, unfortunately I didn't get any of your performance. I figured you'd be getting a copy of any video or would have a professional recording your moment in the spotlight. So sorry, but I'm glad Janet came through.


Hi There Ralph

Yes is was a great night and a great way to raise money for The American Cancer Society (My Mother inlaw is a cancer survivor) So I 'm all for giving to a great cause. & getting to meet & sing with Chicago.... Well I'm just gald they offer that opportunity for such a cause. I think I've said this beofre, but it was the thrill of a lifetime.  Thank You for your kind words.





I was there and I have some photos, but I just have not had time to post any of them.  As soon as I get the chance, I will get them uploaded and send you a note.....  Great job by the way!

Steve D.

No Problem THANK YOU!

My wife was only able to take one of me up there, because she was trying to shoot a video of the song. She said she now wishes she just took pictures, because she didn't like how the video turned out.

Hey if you or anyone else out there is looking for any particular pic from that night, I'll be glad to see what I have. I posted some, but will love to share more if anyone is looking. I know sometimes different angles -different shots and you don't get quite the shots you liked. So just ask and I'll post more. I posted a video of Tris & Dews drums solo from that night.

WOW What great drummer they are.


Take care Steve

and Thanks again



Sounds like a great time Fred! Hope you find some pics. I'm sure someone will have some for ya :)

I was curious if you got to choose the key the song was played in? How were you able to prepare for it?

Is there any prep with the band beforehand? Hope to have my chance some day to sing with Chicago for a great cause!

Any tips are appreciated ~ Hey, you never know, right?


All the best :)

I have one very nice photo of you.  Contact me at

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