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Hi Chicago,   very happy 50th anniversary to ya all!!!!!

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I sent this to the guys.................

As Feb 15th approaches I just wanted to say how very much your music has meant to me and is the soundtrack of my life. As a teenager in the 70's I had weekly "music appreciation sessions" with my father who was a professional trombonist. He'd play for me his albums by Maynard, Buddy Morrow and Urbie Green. I would counter with your first seven albums. I later became a professional trombonist myself and Mr. Pankow's style was what I aimed for in my performances. The highest compliment I ever got was after gigging with someone with numerous Grammy nominations, he patted me on the back and called me "Pank". I bought every album and 8-track and as an adult replaced them with all your cds. I raised my daughter on your music and she went on to earn a performance degree herself. I've only seen the band live once - in Savannah, GA when Jason first joined but hope to see you in Atlanta this summer. I know you hear this kind of comment all the time but I say it with all sincerity - I love Chicago and want to thank you for all your music that has meant so very much to me all these years.

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