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Hi Everyone,

What do you guys think of this DVD? I found it really interesting to actually see how a Chicago rehearsal and jam session is carried through. I absolutely loved it when they closed with Robert Lamm singing and playing keys on "Another Rainy Day In NYC"! It looked like such a good time!

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I love behind the scenes stuff. :) Seeing how the show comes together and then at the end a bit of the concert. I would buy an updated version if they ever wanted to do this kind of DVD again. :)
Hey Janet,

I also enjoy the behind the scenes footage and seeing the guys in the band work on stage blocking and how and when to add certain songs. It was a great video of them!
I have this one too - it is really neat to see them "in the raw" preparing to go on tour. I wish they'd do more!
I saw this quite a few years ago. This reminds me that I need to watch it that I'm a more "seasoned" fan. (Hi, Janet!)
It was indeed quite an experience to watch. I had no idea, that it took so much preparation for a band with so many years of performing. I was really impressed. I have seen them 10 times.
You know, I got to thinking and maybe a new DVD may be too expensive for the band to produce, but maybe they could post videos here when they start rehearsals with the Doobies? I thought of this after remembering Greg Adams of East Bay Soul (formally of Tower of Power) put up in the studio video clips of him and Lee Thornburg laying down horn tracks to their first CD. So if Chicago can't do a new DVD, how about some video clips from the rehearsal hall posted on this site? That is, if the band is willing. Just a thought. :)
I could only imagine how hard it must be for 8 band members to decide and agree on song choices, blocking for each song etc., so it was interesting to watch them discuss ideas and the reasons for making the decisions they did for that tour. I liked how after each idea they showed a video segment of how that song worked in that part of the show whether it be the acoustic version of Wake Up Sunshine or the ending on We Can Make It Happen while working the crowd. I would definitely love to see another video like this and one from the road would be very exciting to see. Thank you for your responses!
I have the DVD and it is great to see them working. The only thing is that the sound quality is very poor. Enjoyed it very much.
With the exception of the blonde female interviewer, the DVD is enjoyable. I too am always interested in the behind-the-scenes type stuff.
Amen brother! Overall, it was very interesting...but the blonde chick, oye-vey! I'll be polite here, and just say she was very annoying.

Dustin said:
With the exception of the blonde female interviewer, the DVD is enjoyable. I too am always interested in the behind-the-scenes type stuff.
Loved seeing the behind the scenes of how they prepared and was Robert eating Pistachios? lol    Loved Will You Still Love Me on it along with the entire DVD.The blonde was just excited :)
I love it!  Makes me feel a bit more "in the know" about how they work together.  Pistachios, huh?  I thought Robert was eating edamame......

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