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I grew up listening to Chicago.  I didn't own any of their albums and listened to them mostly by radio hits.    I was very young when Terry Kath died.  I have no memory at all of hearing anything about his death.  Over the last several years, I've gotten back into their music and I decided to listen to all of their albums in order up to Chicago XI, the last released while Terry was still alive.  I'm currently on Chicago IX, the Greatest Hits album. 

Since I've been introduced to a lot of their songs that weren't radio singles, I decided to make a list of songs I've really enjoyed on this music journey.  I'm calling this Chicago iX.V- Chicago's Other Greatest Hits.  I also included songs from Chicago VIII.  I limited it to 11 tracks, as did Chicago IX.  The songs are in no particular order.  Here they are: 

I’m a Man

Now That You’ve Gone

Any Way You Want

Poem 58


Poem For the People

Old Days


In the Country

I Don’t Want Your Money

Dialogue (Part II)

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