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Back in 1989/90 I saw them play in London and remember Robert Lamm saying as they left the stage that quote "we'll be back" well true to his word 18 years later they turn up, at a remote outdoor venue in an area of London that is difficult to get to and with little or no publicity.

Well three years on and a European tour is announced, (great I think)on reading the tour dates I see that no UK dates have been announced so six weeks ago I decided as a precaution to purchase two tickets for one of the German concerts. This will incur the cost of crossing the Channel, a drive of  800miles round trip and an overnight stay, so not much change out of £1,000  I had hoped to be able to sell the tickets if and when the UK dates were announced, but to date zilch.


Now don't get me wrong I'm not blaming the band and I know that the UK promoters are probably largely to blame, but what I'd like to hear is whether or not they are actively looking to perform in the UK. This way fans can make alternative arrangements to see the band.


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Terry - word is that there WILL be a Chicago show in London in early July!

Just hang in there a few more days and it SHOULD be announced ;)

Hi Terry


I understand your frustration, but you're right it's not the bands fault as it's in the hands of the promoters and their need to make a profit on any event - can't blame them too as it's strictly business. Like you I hope something is announced soon. I'm off to the US in late July, but will not be in a position to see the band there as they are playing West coast venues when I'm on the East Coast. Ironically they come to the area I'm visiting the week that I leave!  


Here's hoping that the word that Gary's heard will be so (sheer poetry!). A show in early July would be just great.



Terry if you have already forked out for the ticket, booked accomodation etc. why not see them in Germany as well as the UK? (assuming the latter comes off).   
All, Wednesday 6th July, Hammersmith Apollo, London. Looks like we got one after all! :)
Yep, as promised :)

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