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Chicago World Tour 2011: Backstage Pass DVD (message from band)

Dear Chicago fans,

We wish you all the very best for the 2012 holiday season!

We are thankful to have the BEST fans in the world, which is why we put this DVD together! We initially created it "by request" after hearing from thousands of you via email. Your interest in the project has sparked interest outside the community and we are happy to announce we will now be able to offer the DVD via our web shop. Again, this couldn't of happened without the support of everyone in the community!

We have begun shipping, so those that have had time to view the DVD, feel free to reply to this discussion, post your review, etc. We will be making periodic updates on social media as well, so your feedback will be seen by lots of folks as we build interest during 2013.

Our best to all of you during this special time of the year. Happy Thanksgiving!




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Hello from Holland,

Got my DVD today and watched it right away too. Great!  A lot of Premium Vip Stuff.

The film is a nice documentary of the greatest Band with Horns.

Next Worldtour please visit us in Holland!

Outstanding job on the DVD - great insight on happenings behind the scenes and on the road as well as hearing insight from each of the band members.

Good stuff!

Happy New Year guys! Thank you for providing some of the best memories of 2012! God bless and I am looking forward to 2013!

Hi Folks, I have this and ofcourse....I Luv it!! I Do have a small question. Didn't the powers that be say that this DVD would only be for a "limited time" ? What happened to that line of thinking? Don't get me wrong, I would Never deny any Chicago fan to obtain any of their music. Your comments or further info please. Thanks Harold.

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