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So proud of all my brothers.

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Looking forward to having this new music in our heads very soon!

Really looking forward to this album, you guys sound fantastic & the song samples really have me excited. Many thanks from a long time fan.
Previews are great! Can't wait to get mine. RL's voice is as strong as ever. Keep up the great work!
Oh Skinny boy! You are the poor man's poet. Treasure your gift.
I'm so proud to be a Chicago fan!
I'm proud of ALL of you and the way you did this, Amazing! Can't wait for this love you guys!!!

Proud of Chicago..yesteday, today and always.

Mr Lamm;

Just hearing the video samples of the new tunes, this is by far the best Chicago sounds I've heard...and I've heard all of it right from the Beginning...

I had the distinct honor and privilege to meet Robert Lamm in 2000, and the rest of Chicago. It was one of the best days of my life, really.  I will be there in the front row in NJ Aug. 16th, and I can't wait for the show!  #ChicagoRocks!

Hello Robert just ordered mine but what became of Chicago XXXV ?

It's just another trippy day..Watching all the colors in my head....and listening to these great samples is making me Crazy Happy right NOW!!

Hi Robert,

Has it been decided what song or songs will be included in this summer's tour set?

How about having the Community take a vote?

See you in Boston!!

They are proud of you and your leadership and your class and your professionalism and your talent and your drive and lots more.

The songs all sound great, Robert.  For me, every Chicago album has been an event...a point in time forever marked, and this one seems like it will really be special too.  Thanks for all your hard work....and speaking as one of your biggest fans, I am forever grateful to you guys for keeping the dream alive.

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