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So proud of all my brothers.

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Hello Robert,

Congratulations on the band's induction to Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I am delighted to see Chicago finally get well deserved recognition, and especially to see Terry Kath recognized too.Great soundtracks of Sunny and A Man and a Woman, can I download them into iTiunes? Great to see Chicago tour with EWF again,my friends and I are going to NYC concert and hopefully Mohegan too.


Mary McCormick

Hello Robert hope to meet you at the hall of fame induction I want to give the band two of my best Chicago graphics 

ever . I'm sure your going to like them.

I'm a little late to this discussion.  But Daniel Bethe wrote about the lyrics for "The Pull."  He said that they were Dewayne's lyrics based on his Kansas roots, but the authorship of "The Pull" is credited to Lamm/Scheff/Wolf.  As a Sisyphus historian, I wonder if Daniel has an explanation for that.  Did Dewayne just add the one line and not get credit? Thanks!

Daniel Bethe said:

We'll be seeing Chicago on Thursday in Kansas City, sporting my Sisyphus shirt!

Forgive me if anyone mentioned this detail already.  But as a minor amateur Sisyphus historian (I wrote the quite extensive Wikipedia article) and Sisyphean superfan (GREAT album? or GREATEST ALBUM EVER?!!!), I noticed a detail.

There's a piece of "The Pull" where Dawayne's lyrics describe the heat waves rising from the ground in a Kansas summer.  Dawayne's from Manhattan, KS, where I used to live, and close to where I live now in Kansas, so I can agree to that right now.  The band's horns do a slow riff that mimics what that looks and feels like.  Fast forward to "America" on XXXVI, where the chorus revisits one of the two versions of that riff.

So one could say that Chicago brought Kansas to "America".

Summertime came too soon, summers in Kansas often do
And the air was still, I felt the pull
I recall the heat rising from the ground in a way
And I knew I was the first to pass this way

Read more: Chicago - The Pull Lyrics | MetroLyrics 

hi are you guys playing Europe this year

Hello Robert. I'm so happy for the band's induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and wish you and the band a sincere congratulations! I have been trying to locate a password to pre-buy tickets for your March 24th concert in Tulsa, at the River Spirit Paradise Cove concert. Can someone help help?
Thank you,
Jill Merrell

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