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The band sends a special thank you to everyone that has joined thus far - let's keep it going!



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Been a fan for many years. Really looking forward to seeing you July 29 at the Ca.Mid-State Fair. Tris Imboden is an inspiration in more ways than one. He's a good honest and humble man. I forgot to say Brave also. For what  all he's been through and I swear he's still the same guy I've known for years. Love ya Tris, Aloha Tahiti Nui, Stevo
And a huge Thank You for this community.  :)  I'm happy to have been a part of it since the beginning.  I can't wait to see you all at the CTA convention and in Clearwater, Florida :)

Thanks guys....have loved you since I was 13 year old.  I won't say how many years that's been :)

So, so grateful that you continue to share your music, year after year. Kathy Vendel xoxo

Nice photo....can we expect to see you all in the uk this summer?


the thanks should be from us,for still being able to listen to all this great music after all these years so thank you chicago,      are there any plans to tour england in the near future? thanks again 
and a very special thanks to THE BAND for all the beautiful music and the joy you have brought to the world. Like fine wine you keep getting better.
Gentlemen,thanks for the memories,songs and shows.Please continue.I first saw Chicago in the summer of [I think]1969.It may have been 1970 but it was the sunday after the AIR festival in Atlanta and the band played in  Piedmont Park for free with Delaney,Bonnie and Friends and Spirit.My last show was the Chicago/Dobie Brothers in Charlotte last summer.If I could go once a month I would.Once again,thanks to all of you and would love to meet you all some day.
Thank you, Chicago for the fantastic music all these years and the chance for us to interact with you.
As a fan i for one deeply appreciate the thank you Chicago sends along to us, but it is all of us who have to extend our thanks to you. I have seen the band live at least a dozen times and catch the show every time you are in the Pittsburgh, PA area. Being a musician myself and playing in a lot of bands in the past, i can appreciate how great you guys really are. I did a lot of trumpet work and we covered several of your tunes. To this day i do keyboard and bass guitar work and still love to cover your songs. I am 66 years old and have followed you  since day one and the first album. The only thing that would make my life complete before i go to the big music room in the sky, would be to meet all of you in person. That may never happen but i can still dream. Once again..........thank you, Chicago, the greatest band i have ever heard.
Hope you guys are "Feelin Stronger Everyday!"
Thanks for all the great music!! Looking forward to the next time you guys visit Boise....make it soon, please!
Hope we go way beyond 2000! All the best!

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