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All the best to Walt on his birthday!

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Hi Walter. We wish you a very Happy Birthday!... from Amy and Billy in Chicago ( the couple with the CTA card at the meet and greet)

Happy Birthday Walt!  Enjoy the day and looking forward to another great concert year!

thx Mary!

Happy Birthday Walt. Hope today brings you joy and love from all around the world. God Bless

Happy Birthday Walt!... from David

Happy Birthday, Walt! I couldn't agree more with Mary.  All the best...


Have a great birthday, Walt -- keep on keeping on and jamming so wonderfully on your sax.  We love it!  Steve

 HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WALT!  Thanks to you this great band started with your idea of a rock band with horns.

 All the best to you in 2012!


Happy Birthday Walt and thanks for starting Chicago the best band in the world.. Pat from Philly

Belated birthday wishes, Mr. Walt P. Hope your day was special.

Love you, Walt!!! Hope it was a great day!!!  Kathy Vendel, Walnut Creek, CA

(Photo taken in Napa, CA November, 2011)

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