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Robert Lamm mentioned work on the new Chicago album at the Houston concert last summer.  Any word on its debut?  Thanks.

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Me too, and they've indicated they've been in the studio with legendary producer Phil Ramone.  Fingers crossed.


          From what I have read and heard is they are working on another Christmas album with Phil Ramone producing

   it. It will be out next holiday season. I do believe they will be recording a new record(CD) sometime. Not sure about

   it's timeline.


great news and thanks for the info, Doyle.  I really like their Christmas albums and would welcome some new stuff, of course.  Steve
The christmas albums feature the best horn arrangements heard since the first 5 albums....amazing stuff IMO
I can't wait
Isn't SOS number 32 tho?
This point is worthy of its own debate i.e. the album numbers to all die hard fans when someone states they love chicago 7 you instantly have the album in your head....things went cock eyed around chicago 25 the christmas album...there was so many compilations put out..the heart of this....the blue and the red velvet cds...the box the time the first NEW album was due out there was a big debate on the old site as to its was definately not 30 i.e. XXX because I have every one since conception and thats a fact...however...XXX it became...ok...then SOS came out which in fact was Chicago 22 if my memory serves me well...but it became XXXI Christmas Tree has to be XXXII......or there will be
Hang about then the LOVE album came out with the red wax that was XXXII Christmas Tree is XXXIII ..phewww ya need a PHD to work this out!
Whatever number this one is, I can't wait to hear it.  Did anyone catch their "Christmas Concert Tour" in support of the first Christmas CD a few years back?  It was terrific.  The songs sounded beautiful live and the guys had a lot of fun with them, you could tell.  To this day, Pankow's horn arrangements blow me away, and I've been studying them since I was a 15 year old trombonist in the mid 70s.  Long live Chicago.  God Bless them.
Funny old world ...heavy horn driven organic eclectic unusual 7 piece blow ya mind music 1967 -77...then little drummer boy....however....caught them on CNN playing little drummer boy and it too blew me did walking walking walking walking in a winter wonderland....sensational....
Isn't the next album comming from the Nashville recording's ?

We will see what´s in the future with Chicago, right?

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