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In the fall of 2013, Chicago began releasing singles for their forthcoming album - starting with "Somethin' Comin', I Know" in August, "America" in September, and "Crazy Happy" in December 2013. 2014 has begun with their latest, "Naked in the Garden of Allah".

Feel free to post your reviews and comments about all the current and upcoming singles during 2014! 

We hope this thread will be one you can return to often. The focus of feedback from fans will be of great value to the entire community... and the band as well!  

Please share this link:

There is no absolute release date set for the CD. Let's simply enjoy the ride during this extremely creative period for the band! We've had some sneak previews ourselves and there is no doubt -classic CHICAGO! The emphasis is continual new music.

In the very near future, you'll be enjoying some of the best work they've ever done. We invite you to regularly participate in a lively and entertaining discussion HERE - as well as on other social media. That would be a huge plus!


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Awesome! I love the singles so far, so I thought something like this was in the works. So far my favourite is America, I catch myself singing it while I am walking to work. Keep up the great work!

I look forward to 2014.

....sitting back and letting you groove on me"!

There is a very good job, Guys. Follow this way more and more and long long time ! You are the BEST !

Well guys, here's hoping that when the album (CD) is released I can afford it!!!! Just kidding, but anyway, here's hoping that the CD will be a great one, haven't heard anything new from you guys except AMERICA, and that was good, glad to know you guys are still touring and keeping it real!! Love you from San Diego, CA




Hopefully the artwork for the new album will be really cool & that we see it in LP form.
Shared on Facebook. Looking forward to more new music. So far, so good!

This is my review for “Somethin' Comin', I Know.” I apologize in advance if this is overly analytical.


Musically this song is very likeable and grows on me each time I listen to it which is my experience with Chicago’s earlier songs. I hear the lyrics and tempo as either upbeat, hopeful, mysterious but certain: Yes, there really is going to be something, maybe even fantastic around the bend!* Or, if I have my "cynical suit" on (my favorite outfit) I can also hear quick tempo as mirroring the anxiety-producing "bitter truth" about the fast pace of things without tidy conclusions. Life moves quickly and you have to keep up and decide whether or not to trust the present. The irony I hear conveyed is even the jaded have learned to trust in an unknown certain “something” in the end. “Nothing lasts forever” is both comforting and disquieting depending on your vantage. Back to the fast-paced tempo, I think it beautifully matches the message of how things keep moving whether we want them to or not, interrupted only by those epiphany moments of realization and acceptance. 


There are thousands of songs about don’t trust the man, they’re all out to get you, life sucks and then you die and other cliches but this song lacks the self-indulgent narcissism and nihilism often present. Kind of like the lyric about being “man enough,” the uncertainty can be accepted without curling up into the fetal position, caving in or as a reason to give up. We can choose to just keep going, rocking and making memories until one day that something passing around the bend is us. Now there’s a song for it (with horns!), and to me, good music is very personal in that it is both a balm and barrier to the sometimes yet certain harsh realities of life.


*For me that really happened when I won backstage passes and front and center seats to see you!

Yeah can't wait for the next release hope their's 15 or more songs on it.

Look forward to this; really like America; everything by Chicago always good.

the latest Chicago tunes are fabulous, it is amazing that, after 40+ years, the music is still very fresh and different. yes there e still the signature sound but there is also a venturing in different directions. One of the many reasons that I have been a fan for 40 years or so is that the music hasn't become "cookie cutter". Love the new stuff, but releasing them one at a time is like dangling a candy bar in front of a child. keep it up I'm enjoying the ride as I have for a long while

The two singles so far have been great....loved "America" and even loved "Somethin' Comin' I Know" even more.  Really looking forward to when the album will be released.  Loved all the snippets of new songs that we heard earlier in the year especially Jason's vocal on "Love Lives On".  Keep up the great work and with the new single, I'm looking forward to Christmas even more than usual!

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