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In the fall of 2013, Chicago began releasing singles for their forthcoming album - starting with "Somethin' Comin', I Know" in August, "America" in September, and "Crazy Happy" in December 2013. 2014 has begun with their latest, "Naked in the Garden of Allah".

Feel free to post your reviews and comments about all the current and upcoming singles during 2014! 

We hope this thread will be one you can return to often. The focus of feedback from fans will be of great value to the entire community... and the band as well!  

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There is no absolute release date set for the CD. Let's simply enjoy the ride during this extremely creative period for the band! We've had some sneak previews ourselves and there is no doubt -classic CHICAGO! The emphasis is continual new music.

In the very near future, you'll be enjoying some of the best work they've ever done. We invite you to regularly participate in a lively and entertaining discussion HERE - as well as on other social media. That would be a huge plus!


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All in all this is a great start to a new album. I have bought them all to this point, but I think there's room for more. More horns, more guitar solos, more harmonies, and more directions. I have noticed that Robert is doing the heavy lifting again with great contributions. Lee's America and Lou's singing are knocking it out of the park. I wanted to hear that song live when they can to town last year, but no luck. I would not be insulted if there were a few of these to catch us by surprise this year. Here's a question for the band - when will we get the final product? Need ideas? How about a tone poem? A barn burner? Acapella? Reggae? Horns only? 3 piece rhythm jam? Country? Duet with REO lead singer? A new multi-theme Pankow "Ballet"? Whatever you come out with, I will buy it!

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