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I have this feeling that its gonna happen-wait! It better happen and ill be there to see it. It's funny but I've seen discussion of such lately just surfing that it just makes me wanna stand up and SHOUT!! But for now I'll do my cheering tonight at the show!! GO CHICAGO !!!!

Yes Chicago is long over due time to inducted them no more waiting please.

I don't think Chicago even needs the Rock Hall. I wouldn't be here if they weren't the greatest band I ever heard.

It will happen, but probably after the band has stopped touring and recording. There's no way the Rock Hall is going to ignore their contributions to rock'n'roll music and the legacy they have created. We Can Make It Happen!

It's a personal thing between Jan Wenner and the band. He's hated Chicago for years.

Only his death or extreme public pressure will get them in. Chicago doesn't need the RRHOF anyway.

Their legacy is well solidified..........................

It is about time they receive this honor. It's too long a time for you Guys.


Chicago Fan

As I live close to the Waldorf, I'll stand there all days to see the guys come in. If this finally comes to be, I hope Peter and the rest come to terms and he is included. I am fan, back from '69'-70 @ Carnegie Hall, but yet, I don't know (or actually, haven't checked) about Danny Seraphine. Is he still around?. How about Dakus, he made a few albums in what, I call,  the lost years, when CTA became kind of a run of the mill soft rock band. Foster made them hit-makers, but it lost the identity of say albums: CTA through #7 or 8. Good songs, but, just my opinion. It looks like they're back w/"Something's coming, I know"....but, I'm biased of course.

I'll save my enthusiasm for the real deal, but for now, Halellujah!!  Many of us have waited a long, long time.

The Greatest Band, Chicago, is long deserving to be in the Rock Hall of Fame. This should have happened years ago. I have been a fan since '69 so have followed them for many years. Still go to all of their concerts around the Chicago area and they can still  rock the stadium's. Good luck, Chicago. this better happen this time.

Gosh I'm so behind in the latest news. Is there a way this page can be more user friendly? Great to hear Chicago's still rockin!!!!

I agree with you Samuel, they should start their own 'hall'
Samuel Orr said:

I don't think Chicago even needs the Rock Hall. I wouldn't be here if they weren't the greatest band I ever heard.

For all the Chicago fans who want their band in the hall Agreed.

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