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So I'm checking out at Sam's Club in OKC today with two "O Christmas Three" CDs in my cart and the guy behind me says, "You're too young to like CHICAGO."  And I say, "I beg to differ...I just saw them play live in Tulsa last week.  Have been a fan since the 70s."  This late-50-something (?) man then proceeds to tell me, "Well, I remember seeing them at Woodstock and still have my ticket stub to prove it."  I'm thinking to myself, "Did CHICAGO play at Woodstock?"   Sorry, but I think of Jimi Hendrix, Jefferson Airplane, Joan Baez and Grateful Dead when I think of Woodstock.  Anyway, I'm here to say that this Generation-X gal who bought her first CHICAGO LP "Hot Streets" in 1978 at the age of 12 is not too young to like CHICAGO.  :)    

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Hello Alison, YOU ARE NEVER TOO YOUNG TO LISTEN TO CHICAGO!!  I feel old knowing your first album was Hot Streets (I graduated from college that do the math - hee hee).  But, Yes I believe Chicago did perform at Woodstock (at the behest of Jimi H) and so did another long time rocker, Carlos Santana!  I'm glad you have the passion for their music (as do I).  My first album was CTA and my first concert was in El Paso, Texas in 1972 (my Sophomore year of HS).  My bucket list concert was seeing them in Chicago with the Doobie Brothers (I've seen them play with the DBs at least four times)...overall I've seen Chicago at least 40 times (lost count).  My late wife loved Hot Streets (first album after Terry Kath died) and her fav cut...Alive Again.  Keep rockin' to Chicago!

Ooooh -   Hot Streets was first?  Oh my.

As far as I know, C didn't do Woodstock (ticket stub be damned).

I'm a little bit older, came in in Chicago 9 (Greatest Hits Vol 1) and rediscovered the band backward from there and picked up the new music going forward.

Hey, don't beat up the ol' guys in the Sams line.  Kinda embarrassing.

Ed D.

Chicago was in San Francisco during Woodstock; according to Danny Seraphine, Bill Graham wouldn't let them out of their contract to play at Fillmore West because he didn't want the band to compete with Santana.

You are never too young or old for CHICAGO.  

I can't understand why anyone would care to even think about such a thing.

If you like something then that's it.

Nobody is too young for Chicago.  I went to a show last year, and the cutest thing there was a boy who was maybe 10 years old, wearing his fan club t-shirt, and rockin' right along with all of us.  I'm on the younger end of the fan base, too.  I'm young enough that when I flew to Chicago to see the New Year's Eve 2015 show with Chicago, the US immigration officer looked at me suspiciously and asked, "what's your favourite Chicago song?"  I told him it was "Dialogue", and that was good enough for him to let me through.

Chicago DIDN'T play at Woodstock -- indeed, according to Danny Seraphine, it was scheduled to play at Fillmore West at that time and Bill Graham wouldn't let it out of that contract because Santana was also there and he didn't want them to compete with each other.

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