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What song (that is never played live) would you just die to hear in concert?

For me, it's "Goodbye", from Chicago V. What about you?

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Well, that's a tough one..., but for me "Goodbye" is up there as well! There are a bunch of others that in that category as well.
Together Again or This Time - I've never seen Lee sing live before.
What's This World Comin' To!!! One of their great funk/rock pieces...with a timely message!
Beat me to it Paul ;) Together Again or This Time. Other than Lee's songs though, Moving Out or In the Country.
hideaway from chicago viii..
or byblos...
hideaway needs cetera singing though...

and byblos...lee would be fine..
I was lucky enough to hear Goodbye live during the 1971 and 1972 tours. I actually liked the live versions better as the song had a more mystical sound to it. It really came alive in concert. Some may ask how I heard this song in 1971 as it was released in 1972. Chicago performed 4 new songs from V live at SPAC in 1971 - Goodbye, SITP, Dialouge (Robert doing the answer part to Terry's questions) and A Hit By Varese. I would really love to hear Varese and Goodbye live again!
Wow, great choices. I've always thought-- especially since they've been touring every single year for more than forty years-- that they should take one summer, and advertise the concert as a 'no hits' show-- and do nothing but catalogue favorites. I understand why they can't do this, so I guess I'll have to wait until I'm "rich beyond the dreams of avarice" and I can hire them for a private show. Don't worry, you're all invited. :)

Byblos is my second favorite Chicago song of all time, and the funny thing is, for a long time on that album, I didn't realize it was Lee singing "Song of The Evergreens"-- I thought it was Terry. It's shocking to me how much Lee sounds like Terry-- especially when you give a listen to their new 2009 studio version of "Make Me Smile." LOL They should have let Lee take over for Terry's vocals back in 1978 (a la Phil Collins taking over for Peter Gabriel in Genesis), because truly, he comes the closest, I think, to that raw energy and soulful vibe we all loved so much.

So yeah, Lee could sing Byblos in concert, right? No horns on that track anyway.

Hey Bill-- What venue is "SPAC"? (I'm sure it's something obvious, lol, I'm just not getting it at the moment) I can only imagine how awesome it must have been to hear these tracks live for the first time, before the album even came out! I know they did "Varese" live recently, I think maybe in 2001? The closest thing I have to an experience like that was the first time I saw them in 1979, they did a bunch of tracks from 13 with Dacus, and although the album was out, I hadn't heard it all yet... They also did "Turn Back The Pages", which I did not know was a Stephen Stills song. I thought it was a great new Chicago tune and I scoured 13 in vain to find it later that night when I got home!
I also had a fun experience along these lines in 1982 when I saw them in the round somewhere in CT (LOL, don't remember exactly where). I had heard "Hard to Say I'm Sorry" on the radio, but again, hadn't heard the album yet... when I heard the radio edit, it would fade out just before "Get Away"... I just knew there was more to that song because the fade-out didn't seem to be quite right... so of course, when they ripped into "Get Away" in concert, and I heard it for the first time, I was screaming to my friends "I knew it, I knew it!"
Ah, great memories.
SPAC is the Saratoga Performing Arts Center in Saratoga Springs, NY. Also, I was lucky enough to hear I Don't Want Your Money live at SPAC in 1970 before its release. Also, I heard Devils Sweet and Feeling Stronger in Troy, NY in November of 1972. I also heard the unreleased "Doin' Business" in Glens Falls, NY in Septepber of 1980. What a show that was with Manipulation, The American Dream, Mother and South California Purples also on the set list.
In The Country - I didn't think of that one. Who would sing it? Possibly Lee, because his voice is the closest sounding to Terry. I have not heard Lou sing yet - they don't have any albums/cd's with him yet.
I've always loved In The Country.

Tom - I would have thought Song of the Evergreens was sung by Terry, also. They had me fooled.
yes... song of the evergreens live would be awesome..i also thought it was terry singing it up to about 20 years ago.... i get to see chicago here in australia this friday oct 29 .. along with brian wilson, america, and peter frampton...i think chicago only has a hour of stage time.. i would love to see lee. sing anything..
I would love to hear Listen or South California Purple!!
Definitely 'What's this World comin' To?'. Always been a fave of mine!

Also, 'This Time' or 'Together Again'. I LOVE Lee's voice on these lush songs...

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