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Conduct Guidelines

Chicago Music Community Guidelines: 1. No profanity (including masked profanity, where letters of swear words are replaced with other characters) or inappropriate content. Why: We want to keep the community a friendly, yet professional place. We welcome your opinions, as long as you refrain from using profanity. 2. No personal attacks or insults Why: We want to make the community a safe place where people can learn from each other without fear of being insulted or attacked. 3. No Spam, off-topic commercial postings, or blatantly self-promotional posts are allowed. Why: For the same reason you don’t want Spam in your email. Posts that are merely advertisements waste time and make it harder for people to find what they are looking for. 4. Keep email addresses out of your posts. Why: We want to keep emails out of posts for two reasons: to reduce spam harvesting of emails; to encourage conversations to stay in the forum so that everyone can benefit from them. Make sure that discussions stay on topic and don’t devolve into spam or flame fests. 5. No links or contact information in the body of post (unless the link is on topic for the discussion). Why: Your profile is the best place for contact information. If someone wants to contact you, they can find that information there. You can link to other pages if those links are relevant to the question being asked only. Again, this makes sure that discussions are on topic and reduces spamming. Don’t forget we also offer public chat and private chat capabilities to take extended conversations. 6. Acceptable usernames: use your REAL name, not the URL to your website, business name, dog, or anything else. 7. Chicago reserves the right to make judgment calls on all situations. Why: There are always cases where there is no clear cut right answer. In those cases, we will make a judgment call on whether to edit or remove a post or ban a member from the network. 8. Limit your posts to a reasonable amount. We don’t want to set a limit, but leave some breathing room for others. 9. No Inappropriate posts of an intimate nature or “stalker” type behavior. 10. Keep this site classy and PG-13! The topic is music! 11. Don't use email system to send commercial messages promoting events we are not connected with OR for other outbound spam messaging. 12. Chicago reserves the exclusive right to post, or remove, any artistic interpretations of its music, in any form, and/or, any digital media uploaded by any user on this site without obligation, compensation or further license requirement. Any user uploading any photo or other media to this site are automatically subject to all terms of service and conduct guidelines. Any user uploading content hereby automatically hold Chicago harmless for use of such content, expressly authorizing such use, without compensation. A Photographer/Videographer release is automatically in effect by uploading any photograph or video. Terms: You hereby forever grant Chicago Music, Inc. unlimited and unrestricted commercial and non commercial license to use uploaded content without compensation of any kind. If you don't agree to this, PLEASE DO NOT UPLOAD CONTENT.
Policies specific to Videographers/musicians/artists/comedians/film-makers with original material to promote or share, including raw concert footage: Naturally all the above applies to musicians as well. Chicago does NOT accept unsolicited material. NO MYSPACE,FACEBOOK. or YOUTUBE LINKS w/o prior approval! Do not take it personally if you do not hear back - no need to assume anything negative. There is simply a large volume of communication. Keep in mind; this site is dedicated to the pursuit of Chicago's activities. We have chosen NOT to allow our site to be used for the promotion of material not directly affiliated with Chicago as the complexities and potential conflicts that can occur over the web service, with our partners, and our business plan are significant. Rest assured, our intent is to be “as inclusive as we can be”, in terms of community, etc but we don’t want to find ourselves in the position of saying yes to some, and no to others, regarding the upload of your material(s) to our servers for self promotion, or for non-profit. It is not our core business. It is a complex equation having NOTHING to do with our interest in discovering great content, but doing so could have significant legal implications as well. Your personal profile on the Chicago Music community could certainly say more about you (even an outside link ok) and we encourage that as members of the community get to know each other. What we will NOT allow is using our site to send self-promotion spam/email,etc. We will have a hard-line policy on this and doing so will get you banned from the network quickly. Chicago must remain a “good internet citizen” and we will not allow anyone to get us blacklisted with ISP’s due to members ignoring basic service guidelines…thank you for understanding! Please be so kind as to ADD A PROFILE PHOTO that is really you (required) - it brings much to our community!

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