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Jason and the San Diego Musicians Union

Jason and I were playing a gig at a bowling alley in El Cajon, California.  We were doing our usual thing with Jerry Olsher and Randy (I wish I could think of his last name) and enjoying the atmosphere of lots of smoke and beer (oh for smoke-free rooms then) and then it all happened.  We got busted for having a minor in a bar and - in a union house.  Next day Jason joined the San Diego local of the Musicians Union.  He is the youngest member to join that union.  There was no punishment…


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More of early Jason Part 2

Get this!  It's a Saturday morning and my band, "The Roberts Connection" was headed to LeMoore, California to play an OTO gig.  Jason is 12 and while very young, an incredible bass player.  At this point he was not singing, but as we headed up north, we stopped at a cotton patch.  I took a picture of him in his beige shorts and a t-shirt among the cotton. It was such a sweet picture.  I wish I could find it so I could share it with you.  I'll keep looking.  

I don't remember much…


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The Early Days of Jason Part 1

I received a telephone call from the mother of one of Jason's best friends.  Coincidentally, his friend lived only a block away and his friend's mother was a stay-at-home mom and piano teacher.  His mother asked me to come to her house as she wanted me to see something Jason had done.  All kinds of things flew through my mind.  He's broken her favorite figurine, he broke a glass, he got in a scuffle with the dog.  So many things went through my mind, but when I got there I was asked to sit…


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Remembering "Chicago"

It's 1974.  I'm married (#3), with three children, living next door to my Mother.  I'm listening to "Chicago" (Saturday in the Park) and grooving on the music being played by KOGO Radio, where I eventually ended up working, but in the TV side.  Little did I know at the time, my 12 year old would be involved with this band, but at twenty-four, my grown up 12 year old called to tell me he thinks he has a steady job with the band "Chicago." as their tenor lead singer.…


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