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For Premium Access members: John Blom, On The Road with Chicago

Hi Everyone!

John Blom has been working in music for almost 50 years.  He has worked behind the scenes in lighting and sound as a tour manager and an instrument tech.  He currently tours with Chicago.

In this 13 minute interview, John Blom shares his life in music, the people he has worked with, some memorable moments, and gives advice to anyone thinking of working on a road crew. No doubt, many of you will recognize him from your concert experiences. This really helps answer the eternal question; Who is that guy on stage behind the drums?

This is a special treat for premium access members. We will continue to produce more videos which show the depthof what is happening behind the scenes to support Chicago.

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Comment by Terry212am on October 8, 2013 at 7:24am

This is know what ELSE would be great?  Some interviews with the "second string" horn players.  Those guys have become pretty familiar faces.

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