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Somethin' Comin', I Know -New Chicago single!

Hi Everyone!

We would like to congratulate Chicago on the release of their new single, ”Somethin’ Comin’, I Know”.

To learn more about the track, visit the main announcement. Premium Access members can login to their account and look in the “Add-ons” section to find the track.


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Comment by Richard Cortez on November 30, 2013 at 10:37am

Chicago is still Chicago and Chicago never, ever disappoints. An exceptional tune from an exceptional band. Continued success, gentlemen. Look forward to the full CD coming out next year. 

Your fan through thick and thicker.

Richard Cortez (The Mad Mexican and legendary rock dog "CHICAGO"!

Comment by Timothy Lee Edwards on September 9, 2013 at 6:59am

They've still got (and always had it)!  Love the new song.  Can't wait to hear the new album!!! :)

Comment by Ron Santoro on August 7, 2013 at 1:46pm

Alison.............................."Finally, doesn't the upbeat tempo of the this song with horns make you want to get up and dance?!....................How can you not get up and dance to this!!....I love the Energy of this song!  

Comment by Alison O'Rear on August 6, 2013 at 12:39pm

P.S.  I love the artwork for this song which perfectly reflects the lyric meaning and attitude of the band.  Looking forward to seeing more great art along with the music of course and then hopefully a pullout section of all the artwork, liner notes and lyrics in the vinyl album release next year.  :) 

Comment by Alison O'Rear on August 6, 2013 at 12:34pm

The PERFECT song to lead off CHI's new music efforts!  Gerry and Robert, you nailed the lyrics on this song.  To me it expresses past frustration in holding back on developing new CHI music.  Maybe it was partly due to getting the shaft from the music industry on the noteworthy SOS album and then a lukewarm reception to XXX.  Robert has certainly expressed why he's put much effort into his solo albums as a way to explore and grow as a musician when the entire CHI band wasn't quite ready to devote the extra energy and time to new music and deservedly so.  With the bands grueling tour schedule and family and personal commitments (which I admire and respect you for btw), it's no wonder it's taken until now.  But it is the dawn of a new day and I believe the chorus of "Somethin' Comin, I Know" does express the energized outlook of the entire band toward the new music they're creating.   The fans knew you still had it in you CHICAGO, and thank you again Lee and Robert for keeping the faith in this great band and raising the bar on what it can still achieve before the storied career is over.  Finally, doesn't the upbeat tempo of the this song with horns make you want to get up and dance?!  And that's exactly what I was doing when my husband popped his head in the office to say "What are you doing?".  Spin this song DJs and you'll get people on the dance floor!

Comment by Mark Dolan on August 4, 2013 at 3:59pm

It kind of doesn't matter what one's personal sonic taste is, it's the composer's preferences that count.   --Robert Lamm

This is what I like about this new model of releasing new music for the band. The musical freedom sounds to be up to the songwriter ... the songs are self-produced. Correct me, if I'm wrong, someone. But, there isn't a single overseeing producer, right?

While "Somethin' Comin', I Know' is a good introductory tune, it probably in no way represents what else is coming. It sounds like an extension of Robert's "Living Proof" album ...even the "Subtlety & Passion" stuff -- then given the Chicago stamp of approval, if you will. LOL! Pretty interesting piece. Curious if Mr. Pankow wrote the horn charts. Or, as often is the case, RL (for his own songs).

Yes, that does sound like Lee singing the bridge part, Terry212.

Re-citing a quote from Robert's liner notes from this single... it's a good one:

Inspiration abounds at the moment, there is a new and different

energy that has taken too long to materialize.

Somthin' Comin’, ... for real."

Comment by Ron Santoro on August 1, 2013 at 5:16pm

WOW!! awesome..I absolutely love the tempo and Jason's bass track is incredible.. Fresh new sound...but umistakedly Chicago..................Love the that a real B3?? Love Lee's vocals on the Beatlesque bridge... Is Keith or Hank playing the guitar solo...anyway it's great!!!  I agree with Terry 212 that the liner notes should include who is playing what. Definitely worth the wait......Can't wait to hear what else you guys have been working on.

Comment by Ed Dolensky on August 1, 2013 at 4:44pm

I like the song a lot.  It sounds very true to the Sound Cloud demo we heard earlier in the year.  It also doesn't sound "over produced" but comes across very much like it might in a live setting.  I look forward to hearing more songs.

With this album (even though it's being released over time I still think of it that way) I have a suggestion.  I know the current touring/concert format pays the bills but speaking for myself I'd like to hear a show that only has Chicago music from the last 10 years.  By that I mean from SOS (recorded years ago but released in the last 10 years), XXX (for me the album starts at Long Lost Friend although I would take Caroline along with it), and then this album.  So maybe a few times on a tour the band can spend a second night in that town and do a concert from primarily these three albums with a couple from the prior catalog added in.  Maybe the DVD sales info from Backstage Access can provide some zip code data about where best to have these "10 Year" shows. 

I had tickets to the two shows that got cancelled last year (in Tuscaloosa, AL and Orange Beach, AL) due to hurricane weather that interfered with the bands' travel plans and those shows were supposed to be joint shows with Kool & The Gang.  Those were supposed to be late August and Labor Day weekend 2012 and I was looking forward to hearing both. 

But I am so PROUD to tell my friends that Chicago is creating new music.  That's absolutely vital so that they doesn't become a cover band of your own past hits.   Robert has shown with his solo work (especially with Living Proof that I really love) that you don't need the old way of making albums to make music today.  I look forward to more new music of the kind the BAND wants to make.

Comment by stephen mcintyre on August 1, 2013 at 4:40pm


The music does sound fresh, but why do the one-by, one-by release thing ? If the music is ready why not release it as a CD, or at least let folks download the songs all at once....God knows the Chicago community has waited a long time for the new music....

Comment by Janet Sella on August 1, 2013 at 3:06pm

Love the new song :)  Great horn work.  Can't wait to hear more new songs.  See the band in Oct in Florida, btw, thanks for the Oct Fl shows.  Maybe we will hear this on tour sometime? :)

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