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The 8/16/11 Chicago Show at Wolftrap (DC metro area) was amazing. The band members played with amazing energy and passion and graced us with several Encore performances. Hard to imagine that some of these guys have played together nearly 40 years.  The songs are iconic and loved by all Chicago fans. Keep it up!


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Comment by Randy Grottke on August 19, 2011 at 11:05pm
What a great show........until the encore.  Then, my wife, Linda, went down to the front of the lawn to take some pictures.  Standing on the lawn, she took pictures, then, thinking it was just a step, she stepped off the retaining wall (dark and 1 1/2 ft drop), landed on left leg, fell and her cell phone went flying.  Had to get wheel chair to car, 4am at the emergency room and a torn MCL.   I just said "Chicago knocked her off her feet."   We will remember the GOOD and the BAD from this concert.  But the GOOD, for me...Randy, was fantastic.  As a band member from the mid-60's, this concert filled my heart. Great sound, great songs and a great band.   Thank you................  I will send the medical bill to your manager!

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