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Hey Everyone!

Welcome to our world! This looks like fun huh?

I've gotta tell you it's been a blast becoming a member and touring with this amazing group of guys called Chicago, not to mention meeting so many of the great Chicago fans in the U.S. and Asia during our spring tour.

That's just the beginning...we've got a lot of exciting concerts coming up, not only in America but also Australia, South America, Canada and a few other surprises.....

I look forward to lots of interesting conversation and interaction with all the Chicago friends and supporters around the globe, as well as being part of all the great new music we have planned for 2010 and beyond!!

Cheers, Lou

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Comment by John Daubney on May 7, 2010 at 1:29pm
I welcome you to Chicago Lou. I have been following this band since the beginning and I'm so happy that you've joined and that the show continues on. Just be assured this band means the world to us. The music is timeless, unique, and filled with passion and love. There is a band between Chicago and its fans that is unbreakable.
Comment by roseanna on May 7, 2010 at 1:09pm
I love Chi world!! I had soooo much fun Lou seeing you guys in Vegas and then right after in Texas, those were Awesome shows, the San Antonio show was on FIRE, to me that venue was just soooo beautiful and you guys ALWAYS put on a great show. I love love having YOU and I love your smile and vocals. Can't wait to go to some more shows, it's a Chicago world for me ALL the time and I LOVE it:)

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